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Rotherham Aspire will support every pupil to realise and develop high aspirations and consider a broad and ambitious range of careers through a combination of direct/indirect experiences and learning opportunities.

At Rotherham Aspire building positive relationships is what we do constantly with pupils, parents, teachers and employers.


In order to be the best and achieve meaningful lifelong outcomes for our pupils we stand by and put our energy into effective working partnerships.

We aim to inspire every pupil through ‘real-life’ contacts with the world of work as we know this can help them understand where different meaningful choices can take them in the future. Rotherham Aspire will work with a range of organisations and local authorities to achieve this for our young people placed within our school.

Rotherham Aspire will measure the effectiveness of their careers activity by considering both the attainment and the destinations of their pupils. Success will be reflected in more numbers progressing to work placements, apprenticeships, traineeships, and other positive destinations such as employment or a further education college. This will help to close the destinations gap (i.e. reduce the number of NEETs) between young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and others.

Rotherham Aspire will provide ‘Advice and Guidance’ as part of a programme of activities that inform, inspire and motivate young people, preparing them for work and helping them to understand where different education and training choices could take them in the future. (This is in line with DfE statutory guidance 2021)

We understand this ‘programme’ must take into account pupil’s potential life- long careers not just their immediate 16+ placements.

Information for Employers

If you would like to know  how you could support our school in terms of careers, please get in touch with  Maxine  the Careers Lead


Some of the ways in which we work with businesses are:-

· Guest speaker talks and presentations

· Delivery of small parts of curriculum content

· Workplace visits

· Hands on workshops

· Work Experience

· Apprenticeships

· Representation at parents evenings and careers fairs

· Mock Interviews


We are very keen to engage with businesses and employers to help us inform and educate students about the local and national employment opportunities.

This links directly with Gatsby Benchmark 5 – Encounters with Employers and Employees, and Gatsby Benchmark 6 – Experiences of Workplaces. We provide many opportunities for businesses to interact with students: World of Work days, Career Carousels, Employability Skills workshops, Careers Fairs, presentations, work experience, small group work etc.

If you would like to get involved, or wish to advertise any apprenticeship vacancies through the college, then please contact the Careers Leader

The Careers lead at Rotherham Aspire is  Maxine Hughes contactable via email at, available between 9am - 4pm  Monday-Friday.

Careers Policy 

Baker Clause Statement - provider access


Careers Website Guidance:

Careers Options

Careers Search


During Lessons


Information for Teachers

Labour Market Information 


Parents/Carers e-book

Post 16 Pathways

Stereotypes in Careers

Student Entitlement Statements

Use the Links Below to Find Out More

The UK’s riskiest jobs | GoCompare

Careers Lead - Maxine Hughes 


Phone Number: 07708114147



Measuring and Assessing the Impact of the Careers Programme at Rotherham Aspire

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