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Our school is a place where:

  • We build positive relationships through endless positive regard

  • Everyone is valued and respected and suitable learning opportunities are created for all.

  • All our students are nurtured and prepared for the future in both the world of work and society. 

  • Every day is a new day

At Aspire we aim to:

  • Provide a safe, happy and caring environment for all

  • Support the development of social and emotional skills through establishing a broad, balanced and appropriate curriculum

  • Enable all learners to develop in-depth knowledge, understanding and skills to the best of their ability

  • Encourage all students to build confidence and resilience

  • Respect the rights and views of others

  • Teach an understanding of British values through our curriculum and daily actions.

A -  Achievement

S -  Self Worth

P -  Positive Regard                                                         

I  -  Inclusion

R - Relationships

E - Empathy

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