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Primary OutReach

ASPIRE SEMH Primary OutReach

Service Overview 2021 -2022


What OutReach looks like.


The Team provide bespoke support for students in Rotherham Primary schools with an identified Social, Emotional, Mental Health (SEMH) need.


This comes in the form of an initial referral that links the observation, assessment, intervention and in-school adaptions. The service and team do not provide a link or referral to access the Aspire PRU provision.


The aim is to support students with an evidenced graduated response to SEMH; as a guide there should be 10 weeks (1 complete cycle of ‘Plan, Do, Review’) of evidenced support on the school’s SEN register. As a service we accept that SEMH is not a linear pathway and that there can be any number of influences in the student’s world that can shift this need. 

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