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Aspire SEMH OutReach Team

Aspire SEMH OutReach Team – Service Overview 2023 -2024


Context What OutReach looks like – 

The Aspire SEMH Outreach Team (AOT) provide bespoke consultation and support for students in Rotherham schools with an identified Social, Emotional, Mental Health (SEMH) need in line with the SEND code of practice. The aim is to build strategies in response to the student’s need with an evidenced intervention plan and potential training to support the school. As a guide there should be 10 weeks (1 complete cycle of ‘Plan, Do, Review’) of evidenced adaption on the school’s SEN register and assessment prior to referral. The service and team cannot provide a direct link to the Aspire PRU, although will support schools in building their graduated response to need. These are formalised with links made via Inclusion Panels and Partnership routes that the team will provide evidence towards and this can be discussed at the Intervention evaluation. As a service we accept that SEMH is not a linear pathway and that there can be any number of influences in the student’s world that can shift this need. 


SEMH School/Collaboration meetings – Termly overview of support. Regular and calendared SEMH meetings will be offered across the year for the purposes of early intervention support, SEMH updates and training. These will be held termly via Aspire SEMH Outreach visits or ½ termly should this be communicated. The principal is to enable schools to have regular, direct contact, with the key staff across the AOT. The initial meetings will allow the Team to discuss and embed our practice for Referral, Assessment and Evaluation. This should inform training/discussion and enable proactive support for SEMH Network discussions in these changing times. We will circulate the planned topics, as discussed in meetings, once we have up to date contact from each school or trust.


Once we have established a collaborative direction for each school this will filter into SEMH partnership and networks where we can use the evidence to steer and inform our support to potential hubs, Panels or Trust directed work. It is essential that we consider how best to support students and how this is evidenced from the early stages of adaption… “we will support all students to flourish in school with early connection, intervention and adaption.”

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