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Our aspiration at Rotherham Aspire is that our students are nurtured and prepared for the future in both the world of work and society.

Students arrive at Aspire with very different starting points and an academic pathway is not always appropriate to meet their individual needs. We do however, believe that all our students should leave us with tangible qualifications and have a level of functioning in numeracy and literacy to help them take their place in society as responsible and independent citizens.

Outcomes 2023



English and Mathematics

In 2023, 75% of Year 11 students left with GCSE qualifications in both English Language and Mathematics. This figure was 62% in 2017 which shows an increase of 13 percentage points (ppts) since 2017. These figures continue the consistent year on year outcomes for our Year 11 cohorts over this period. 1 student achieved passes in both GCSE English Language and GCSE Mathematics at Level 2 (grade 4+). 83% of students achieved grades 1 to 5 in English Language with 4% achieving grades 4 to 5. One student achieved a grade 5. 79% of students achieved grades 1 to 4 in Mathematics with 8% achieving a grade 4.

(Evidence: AQA GCSE English Language and Mathematics results 2023)


Vocational Education

The number of students achieving vocational qualifications at Aspire in 2018 was 23 outcomes from 36 students. This equated to 0.64 qualifications per student. In 2022 this has risen to 107 outcomes from 42 students, equating to 2.4 qualifications per student. In 2023 this figure was 76 outcomes from 42 students equating to 1.8 outcomes per student.

Full Level 1 Awards (or better) in vocational options has risen from 20 in 2018 to 59 in 2022 and 61 in 2023. Full Level 1 Certificates has risen from one in 2021, to 8 in 2022 and stayed at 8 in 2023. This demonstrates the strong progress being made in vocational education programmes at Rotherham Aspire. Additional analysis shows in 2023: 77% of students gained two or more vocational qualifications, 87% of students gained a Full Award while 19% of students gained a Full Certificate

96% of students achieved a L1 qualification

(Evidence: NOCN and NCFE subject results, subject certificates, IV and EV reports 2022/23)


Functional Skills (FS)

85% of the full cohort have at least one FS qualification.


In 2023, of the 41 students who sat the FS Maths examination, 85% gained a qualification. 78% achieved an Entry 3 qualification and 29% gained a Level 1. No student gained a Level 2 qualification.



In 2023, of the 41 students who sat FS English examinations, 54% gained a full English Functional Skills qualification (all 3 elements achieved: Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening) at Entry 3 standard. 10% (4 students) achieved a Full English FS pass at Level 2. Additionally, 2 students gained Level 1 writing and 7 achieved the L2 Reading.

(Evidence: NOCN Functional Skills English and Mathematics results 2023)


Key Stage 3

In Maths; of the 22 students ready for assessment 13 students made progress with 5 students making better than expected progress. No student achieved their National Curriculum Year Group Age Related Expectation.

In Reading assessments, 11 students of the 20 ready for assessment made progress with 9 students better than expected progress.

In Writing, 11 students of the 20 ready for assessment made progress with 1 making at least expected progress and 7 students making better than expected. No student achieved their National Curriculum Year Group Age Related Expectation in either Reading or Writing.



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