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We provide a highly supportive transition process for all our students and their parents/carers. Students transition into Aspire via the following pathways:

Students who are permanently excluded from their mainstream schools will usually be placed at Aspire.

Additionally, the Local Authority have recently developed new inclusion pathways which include a Primary Inclusion Panel (PIP) and Secondary Inclusion Panel (SIP) which are attended by mainstream colleagues and multiagency support services. Children can now be placed with us for short term placements through these central panels after evidence of a graduated response from the mainstream school.

Students can also be placed at Aspire through the Strategic Fair Access Panel pathway.

Students at the PRU have access back to mainstream schools via two routes: the school partnership route or the Rotherham Schools' Strategic Fair Access Panel. To be considered for both these routes students have to undergo a readiness for re-integration assessment and be sponsored by the Headteacher of the PRU.

Our students may also be considered for specialist provision through the annual review process when an Education Health and Care Plan has been issued.

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