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As a pupil referral unit Rotherham Aspire is run by a management committee. An overview of the legislation covering the management of pupil referral units is outlined below and will give an insight into the role and composition of our Management Committee:

  • Regulations require local authorities to establish management committees to run pupil referral units in their area, to make provision for the constitution (including composition) and procedures of these committees, and to delegate specific powers to them. The management committee at Rotherham Aspire has a strategic role setting out and monitoring the aims and objectives of the unit to ensure children are safe, have their needs met and receive a good standard of education.

  • The local authority delegates a budget to the management committee of Rotherham Aspire.

  • The management committee uses its delegated budget to ensure that Rotherham Aspire can act responsively and specifically in the best interests of pupils. From April 2013, local authorities have had to delegate to the management committee responsibility to set budgets. The management committee also has responsibility for all financial decisions necessary to manage and spend budgets effectively, such as maintaining accurate accounts and signing contracts.

  • Responsibility for all decisions about the recruitment and management of staff will sit with the management committee. The local authority will remain the employer of staff at Rotherham Aspire and will continue to be responsible for agreeing pay and conditions. The management committee  has responsibility for making decisions about appointing and managing members of staff.


Management Committee Members

Chair of the Management Committee    Lisa McCall

Vice Chair                                                     Pete Douglas

Headteacher Rotherham Aspire               Lee Morritt

Safeguarding Lead                                      Lindsay Wootton-Ashforth

Finance Lead                                                Andrew Winch

Curriculum Lead                                          Mary Smith

Community Link                                           Kerry Byrne

Community Link                                           Dave Burnham

Community Link                                           Carole Brookes

Staff Representative                                    Caroline Booth

Staff Associate Member                              David Thorpe

Clerk to the Management Committee     Donna Hissitt -

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