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At the heart of our curriculum, across our provision, is the intent to provide a safe space whereby pupils are offered personalised opportunities, experiences and outcomes. The school provides an inclusive environment in which pupils are aided to fill the gaps in their learning, in order to promote engagement in education. 

There is a high focus on pupils’ social, emotional and mental health; by understanding pupils’ emotional health and well-being, we promote self-esteem and self-worth, building a sense of trust, of belonging, and of family. 

We aim for our pupils to become independent adults who function in society by providing them with role models, equipping them with broad and transferable knowledge and skills, and successes measured by both academic and social outcomes. 

The curriculum at Rotherham Aspire is designed to;

be broad and balanced, support achievement, develop self-esteem, be engaging and flexible with a key focus on numeracy and literacy skills. It is also designed to prepare students and support transition to the next stage in their learning and later life.

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