The aim of the curriculum at Rotherham Aspire is to develop confident young people with a strong sense of self-worth and personal responsibility. We aim to develop in our pupils' high aspirations and a belief that they can achieve success and go on to enjoy autonomous, fulfilled adult lives, making a positive contribution to the communities where they live.

We believe that before any child can engage in meaningful learning they need to feel safe, secure and understood and therefore a high priority is placed upon building positive relationships with our pupils and getting to know their specific and individual learning needs. 

The curriculum is delivered through engaging, flexible and creative teaching to promote active participation with each of our centres offering differentiated provision.

Every opportunity is taken within the curriculum to develop Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Cultural aspects of the pupils’ education. We also teach an understanding of British values that reflect both Rotherham Aspire and the wider community.

Parents or members of the public who would like to find more about the curriculum we offer should contact the relevant Head of Centre.