Child Protection Statement


All employees, volunteers and management committee members of Rotherham Aspire place the safeguarding of children and young people at the heart of everything we do.

 We understand our legal duties as per the Children Act (1989 & 2004); Education Act (2002) Section 175; Keeping Children Safe in Education; and Working Together. All staff undertake statutory safeguarding training and key staff benefit from specialist training in specific areas relevant to the needs of our students and the roles these staff undertake at Rotherham Aspire.

Our Headteacher oversees the Designated Safeguarding Leads at each site who are supported by our school Safeguarding Team. As part of our approach to ensuring that strong, effective governance and monitoring is in place, we have a named management committee member linked to Safeguarding: Lisa McCall – Associate Head Teacher Wales High School.

Rotherham Aspire has established strong external links with support agencies throughout the local authority which allows direct support to our schools’ Designated Safeguarding Leads, ensuring all of our children and young people are safeguarded from harm and abuse, and that where concerns arise these are dealt with swiftly and professionally.

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